Foundations of Business Analytics (JHU Carey, MBA, 2020-current)

Graduate Course, Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School, 2020

Being a business leader in a data driven world requires the knowledge of both data-related (statistical) methods and of appropriate models to use that data. The Foundations of Business Analytics course focuses on the latter: it introduces students to quantitative (“analytical”) frameworks and techniques for decision making. At a high level, these techniques include optimization, risk modeling, and Monte Carlo simulation. For each methodology students are first exposed to the basic mechanics, and then apply the methodology to real world business problems using software. Read more

Operations Management

Undergraduate Course, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, 2015

Operations Management studies the processes by which inputs of materials, labor, capital, and information are transformed into products and services which customers want and are willing to pay for. This course will provide students with the managerial tools needed to understand and articulate the impact of an organization’s business processes, and the ability to analyze and continuously improve these business processes to make things work better, faster and cheaper. Read more